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Saturday, April 14, 2012

‘Marvel’s The Avengers‘


So today post will be about coming movie Marvel's The Avengers which team-up the famous superheroes like The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America and several others as in the picture above.

Well guys this post isn't just about the movie but also to answer Nuffnang question on which superhero I would like to be if I have the chance to be part of the team.

The only superhero that cross my mind is the hero from this movie itself which is THOR. Well it is not I am lazy to think of other superheroes which we know too many of them but the marvelous things of THOR is the reason I really wanna be this superhero if I have chance to....

Well let us see a bit about why THOR...why?..why?...why haaa?

If you have seen the movie THOR before, you see how THOR is very powerful and influencing. Like when you see THOR with the hammer of tonnns of weight and when he moves that thing all way around him, superadded with lightning effect causing you to say like.....WOOOOOWWWW!!!

See THOR is ready to rockin his hammer

And of course THOR with his masculine appearance making him looks absolutely like superhero dreamed by most young girlz....not me ok, I am totally straight.

Other marvelous thing that I would love to be THOR is because the classic costume that he wears. It such that like a true warrior of old age wearing the costume resembling 'warrior costume' going to war. So it looks really real and cool.

Done the part what is the superhero I would like to be. Now I will tell you guys with being THOR, how will I save the world. Again saving world by THORRRR.

As a THOR with the power of powerful hammer, I will crush my enemy to the ground. I dont have to be in close combat. I can just throw my hammer from long distance straight to the enemy head. Of course it will hit the skull resulting in skull fracture and massive bleeding and then die...heeeheee.

And with the long distance, I can minimize the chance to get injury thus allowing me to fight the enemy constantly.

Another move of which known as the MEGA HIT is the torpedo hammer throw with lightning. This will cause massive hit to the enemy and perhaps entire destruction to them. They will definitely surrender and lift up the surrender flag....heeeheeee...

Well I guess that is all I can say about the superhero I would love to be. Perhaps this isn't satisfying but I am sure my mind fantasy wouldnt be effectively translated into words, of which better seen yourself like in THOR movie.

So I guess, THOR is my superhero. THOOOOORRRRR.....

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